Follow these vital dating tips to make sure you stay safe and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Whether you're experienced at dating or a novice, there are a number of precautions you should always take, especially on a first date. No exceptions - unless you feel totally confident that this is a person you can trust and rely on.

  • Arrange to meet for coffee or lunch rather than dinner. Not only are you safer in the day but you don't waste time if it doesn't work. Help prevent any unwanted chasing (which might turn into stalking) by being polite but not leading your date on. If you don't fancy them, just say '"You're a lovely person, but unfortunately, not what I was looking for."
  • Stick to an area that's well lit with lots of people around . It's a good idea to meet in a place where you're known so the person you're with can be identified. Chat away to the waiter/waitress so it's obvious you've been seen with them.
  • Don't invite strangers to your home and don't go to theirs until you know them very well.
  • Trust your gut instinct and listen carefully to their relationship history. Are they using the service for the right reasons or are they just after sex?
  • Give the details of your date to several friends - where you'll be, the time you'll meet, the person's name, phone number and address. Arrange for someone┬áto phone you an hour into the date to check you're OK; you phone them a few hours later to report in again.