This section of Single Living is for you if you have gone through the end of a relationship. Break-up is almost always a painful event for at least one of you, and it can cause disruption and difficulties in every aspect of your life.

Help and support following break-up

This difficult period in your life is when you most need reliable support and advice from friends and loved ones - but ironically, this often doesn't materialise - sometimes because other people don't want to intrude on your grief, or because they can't think of what to do. In fact, when people do offer advice, it's often not much use. Telling you they never really liked your ex anyway, or hinting that you really must meet their single friend doesn't really help!

Fortunately, Single Living is here to help. Use the pages in this section to find vital advice and information on how to deal with relationship breakdown; read all the articles on break-up, bereavement, separation and divorce. and don't forget, if you need someone to talk to, for a small fee you can join Single Living and benefit from confidential one-to-one conversations with our experts.

Typical breakup symptoms

  • emotional instability: anger, depression, sadness, despair, anxiety, confusion, lack of motivation, loneliness, sense of isolation, inability to focus
  • loss of confidence and self-esteem
  • financial difficulties
  • disrupted lifestyle and loss of friendship base
  • conflict with your own family
  • problems at work
  • reduced access to children

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