Frequently asked questions

Who is Single living for?

If you're on your own and feel that it's time to get back on top of life, then Single Living is for you! We've helped thousands of singles get back on their feet since our foundation in 1993. We've supported people who were going through painful break-ups or who had recently lost a partner through bereavement. We've provided advice on dating and socialising as well as single parenting and solo travel.

What makes Single Living different?

Unlike most singles and dating organisations, we promote a holistic approach to single living. We believe your best chance of achieving positive changes and enjoying long-term happiness lies in adopting a strategy of addressing problems, taking positive action and learning to stand on your own two feet again. Simply hoping that through dating you'll meet the person who will make everything all right is often not a good plan - in fact it all too often leads to further disappointment and heartbreak.

Single Living is committed to working with you to turn things round quickly and effectively. As a member, you'll be able to make use of all the resources available on the website, as well as receiving free expert advice.

We believe we can genuinely help you to make quick and positive changes to your life. but don't just take our word for it - see what experts and our own members have to say.

Is Single Living a dating service?

No - in fact in some ways we can be considered the opposite of a dating service, as we encourage people to get the most out of life as a single person, and to focus on making friends, self-development and socialising. But you are free to contact other members via messaging and online chat, and who knows what might develop! Over the years we have had our fair share of romances and a few weddings too.

What's on the site?

Single Living is actually six websites in one:

  • Single Living Magazine is packed with articles, news, special offers and competitions.
  • Single Again is our advice and support area, covering everything from coping with break-up to getting divorced, dating and single parenting.
  • Beautiful Friendships is where you can find out about socialising, making new friends and dating.
  • Solo Travel Online is for anyone with an interest in single travel. You can find out about the main single travel operators as well as specialists who offer all sorts of fascinating special-interest holidays.
  • Books for Singles includes our customised Amazon online bookshop as well as a book sale and book reviews.
  • Directories includes details of dozens of useful organisations and websites.

In addition, you can use our member area to create and update your online profile, add photos, add friends, contact other members, chat online and more.

How much does it cost?

Single Living is free to join. All you have to do is register. You can also purchase some extras - see Single Living Packs for details.

How can I join?

Joining Single Living is very quick and easy. registration takes a couple of minutes. All you have to do then is wait for the registration email to reach your email address, click the verification link and that's it - you're in!

Do you share my personal information?

No - Single Living does not share any of your information. See our Privacy statement for more details.