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Welcome to Single Again, part of the Single Living website. Here you'll find information and advice on break-up, separation, bereavement and divorce. We aim to help you find your feet, whether you are on your own or bringing up children as a single parent.

Support for singles

Single Again contains expert advice on:

How to get your life back on track

Most single people would like to make changes to their lives - but often they don't do much about it. Some resort to dating as the obvious potential route to salvation; others just muddle along and hope things will improve. That's why we have developed 'New You' - a holistic, planned strategy designed to give you the motivation and tools to get you embarked on life's next adventure.

It's not just about dating and relationships!

It's all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your main focus as a single person should be on dating. This is a fallacy: for many singles, dating should be avoided until you are completely ready for it. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to heed our advice, and even if they do find fleeting happiness, it often all goes horribly wrong and they end up feeling even worse than before. For more on this, read Are you ready to date?.

Make the most of your time as a single

In any case, being single can be a very rewarding experience. Think of it as just another chapter in your life - a chapter where you have the opportunity to redevelop your friendship base and spice up your social life. Where you could travel, take up a new sport, change your look, enrol on a course, switch career ... In other words, being single for a time means you can actually make a number of positive changes that might never have happened if you had remained in a relationship.

Going through break-up?

Break-up is usually a painful and difficult process for at least one of the parties involved. One of the worst aspects in the early stages is the 'emotional rollercoaster' - you may, for example, find yourself bursting into tears at any given moment, or you may suddenly feel that your loss is just too much to bear. It's at times like these that you need the support of close friends and family - people who can help make you feel better and possibly prevent you from making things worse by, for example, phoning your ex and begging them to come back.

Read Break-up: an emotional bombshell

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